Cotswold Sweet Company Stow-on-the-Wold

Boiled Sweets

Cotswold Sweet Company. Boiled Sweets, hard and full flavoured timeless classics. You are sure to find that childhood favourite from our selection.
£ 3.22
Blackcurrant and Liquorice (200g)
Chewy liquorice encased in a blackcurrant boiled sweet shell.

£ 2.98
Butterscotch (200g)
Creamy, buttery tasting boiled sweet.
£ 3.22
Chocolate Limes (200g)
Chocolate Limes. Lime flavour boiled sweet with a chocolate centre.

£ 3.22
Gob Stoppers (200g)
Colourful balls of assorted fruit flavours.

£ 2.98
Kola Bricks (200g)
Cola flavoured boiled sweet cubes sprinkled with sugar.

£ 2.48
Pear Drops (200g)
Pear Drops. Fruit flavoured pear shapes sprinkled with sugar.

£ 2.98
Pineapple Chunks (200g)
Pineapple Chuncks. Pineapple flavour cubes sprinkled with sugar.

£ 2.98
Rhubarb and Custard (200g)
Rhubarb and Custard. A flavour combination of fruit and creamy custard.

£ 2.98
Rosy Apples (200g)
Rosy Apples. Apple flavour balls sprinkled with sugar.

£ 3.22
Sherbet Fruits (200g)
Sherbet Fruits. A selection of fruit flavoured boiled sweets with tangy sherbet.

£ 3.22
Sherbet Lemons (200g)
Sherbet Lemon. Lemon boiled sweet with a tangy sherbet centre.

£ 3.22
Sherbet Pips (200g)
Sherbet Pips. Tiny, hard boiled and fizzy.

£ 3.22
Strawberries and Cream (200g)
Strawberies and Cream. Classic and refreshing summer combination.

£ 2.98
West Indian Limes (200g)
West Indian Limes. Lime flavoured boiled sweet.

£ 2.98
Aniseed Balls (200g)
Aniseed flavoured balls.