Cotswold Sweet Company Stow-on-the-Wold


Cotswold Sweet Company. Traditional toffees of all shapes and flavours, with so many to choose from you are sure to find your favourites.
£ 2.98
Lemon Bon Bons (200g)
Chewy lemon balls dusted with icing sugar.

£ 2.98
Strawberry Bon Bons (200g)
Strawberry Bon Bons. Chewy strawberry balls dusted with icing sugar.

£ 2.98
Toffee Bon Bons (200g)
Toffee Bon Bons. Chewy toffee balls dusted with icing sugar.

£ 2.98
Apple Bon Bons (200g)
Soft chewy apple flavoured balls.

£ 3.22
Chocolate Toffee (200g)
Milk chocolate coated chewy toffee.
£ 2.68
Creamy Toffee (200g)
DAIRY-WALKERS-English creamy toffee

£ 3.22
Liquorice Toffee (200g)
Liquorice Toffee. liquorice flavour in the form of a chewy toffee.

£ 3.22
Plain Chocolate Toffee (200g)
Dark Chocolate Toffee Chewy toffee coated with plain chocolate.
£ 2.98
Treacle Toffee (200g)
Treacle Toffee. A rich dark intensely flavoured toffee.