Cotswold Sweet Company Stow-on-the-Wold


£ 3.22
Blackcurrant and Liquorice (200g)
Chewy liquorice encased in a blackcurrant boiled sweet shell.

£ 4.20
Double Salt Liquorice (200g)
Double Salt Liquorice. (ZOUT ROND) Very strong and salty liquorice buttons.

£ 2.98
Liquorice Comfits (200g)
Comfits. Liquorice in a crisp sugar shell.

£ 4.20
Liquorice Dynamites (200g)
DYNAMITES. Soft, sweet and strong liquorice with a creamy liquorice and aniseed filling.

£ 5.00
Liquorice Root Sticks (5)
Chew these natural sticks to release the liquorice flavour. (Sold in quantities of 5)
£ 3.22
Old Liquorice Tablet (200g)
Old Liquorice Tablets. Hard and chewy liquorice piece.

£ 3.22
Pontefract Cakes (200g)
Pontefract Cakes. A soft and sweet liquorice.

£ 2.98
Spogs (200g)
Spogs. Yes, that's what they're called! Those button sweets found in Liquorice Allsorts.

£ 3.22
Liquorice Toffee (200g)
Liquorice Toffee. liquorice flavour in the form of a chewy toffee.

£ 5.50
Liquorice Wands (10)
Liquorice Wands (Sold in quantities of 10.).
£ 3.22
Poor Bens (200g)
Poor Bens. Medium hard liquorice and aniseed flavour tablet.

£ 3.22
Liquorice and Mint (200g)
Mint flavour fondant sandwiched between layers of liquorice.

£ 2.98
Liquorice Cream Rock (200g)
Rolls of liquorice with a creamy fruit flavour filling.